Handschuhe aus Lettland
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Handschuhe aus Lettland

Autors: Maruta Grasmane
Izdevniecība: Tautas tērpu centrs Senā Klēts
Izdošanas gads: 2016
Valoda: vācu valoda
Produkta veids: Cietie vāki
ISBN: 9789934855528
Lapaspušu skaits: 429
Ievadīšanas datums: 18.10.2016

First edition in German of the book "LATVIESA CIMDI" - an exciting 178 samples of ethnographic mittens for knitters, collected in a high quality design book. The book presents 178 samples of mittens, reproduced from the 18th Century originals in Latvian museum collections, their knitting secrets and wearing traditions. Although there have been publications before concerning Latvian ethnographic mittens, the book "Handschuhe aus Lettland: 178 überlieferte Fäustlinge zum Nachstricken" provides the most complete and exact information. Moreover it is a visually magnificent book which tells us the story about Latvian traditional culture through bright and inspiring photos. The book is a perfectly designed trustworthy historical