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Republic : The Influential Classic, The
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Republic : The Influential Classic, The

Autors: Plato
Izdevniecība: John Wiley & Sons Inc
Izdošanas gads: 2012
Valoda: Angļu
Produkta veids: Cietie vāki
ISBN: 9780857083135
Lapaspušu skaits: 416
Ievadīšanas datums: 18.12.2019

The newest deluxe edition in the bestselling Capstone Classics Series
This ancient classic has had a make-over. In recent years these Capstone Classic deluxe editions have caught the book buying public's imagination. The volumes of international bestsellers such as Think and Grow Rich and The Art of War have quickly become the market leaders. Now Plato's best known work, one of the most intellectually and historically influential works of philosophy and political theory, has been brought to life in this luxury, hardback, keep-sake edition.